The best Cook Books from 2012

In the fast-paced world of today, cooking at times seems a luxury. In order to turn this around, cooks have created easy to follow, attractive cookbooks that promise to turn one’s humble cooking abilities into gourmet expertise. Well, perhaps not all claim to be able to change you into a gourmet chef, but they most certainly offer a […]

Foods you Didn’t know you could Grill

Steaks, hamburgers, chicken and hot dogs are usually the first foods that come to mind when you think about grilling. However, there are a variety of foods that you can cook on the grill. Plus, grilled food can be delicious and healthy for you. Shellfish Shrimp and lobster are the most common types of shellfish […]

How to Make Vegan Easter Candy

Many people enjoy candy at Easter and following a vegan diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out.  It is easy to make vegan Easter candy and can be a fun activity to share with children too. Peeps Marshmallow peeps are a firm favourite and a similar treat can be made at home.  The simplest […]

Good Foods when you have a Stomachache

Stomach ailments can be extremely painful. You want to do all you can to settle your stomach and minimize symptoms. Part of this is eating the right foods that will not irritate your stomach further. Make sure to eat slowly to lower your chances of further irritating your stomach. Consider the following foods. Breads are […]

Best Cook Books 2012

Every year there are thousands of cook books published. The year 2012 was no exception, however you will find that some are better than others. Here are some of the best cook books created in 2012. * Modernist Cuisine at Home * Written by Nathan Myhrvold and Maxime Bilet, this cook book aims to help you […]

Easy Dessert Recipes

Dessert is probably the part of the meal that is most looked forward too. Life can be busy so finding a dessert that is good to eat and easy to make can be a difficult task. Some easy dessert ideas are jello or pudding. They come in a box mix with easy instructions and are […]

Fast and Easy Mussels

Many beginner chefs and home cooks are scared to cook mussels, but they are extremely fast and easy to use and make a wonderful dish for friends and family. Steaming mussels is by far the best and easiest way to cook mussels. The first thing that should be done to the mussels is give them […]

How to Deep Fry Oreo Cookies

You love Oreos. You love deep fried foods. Now you can easily have the best of both! The following steps will help you transform an everyday Oreo cookie into a warm, tasty, deep-fried treat. You will need to have the following items to make deep fried Oreos: 1 Package of Oreos A deep fryer or […]

Understanding the different Types of Chocolates

Understanding The Different Types Of Chocolates  Who can ever resist chocolates? Almost everyone loves them. Others even considered them as indulgence especially the ones of good quality. They are products from transforming beans of cacao fruit. They can be used for baking,beverages and candy. Once you know and understand the different types of chocolates, the […]

Best British Cook Books 2012

Those looking for the best cookery books from 2012 could have a confusing time. It seems that every celebrity, chef and cook published a cookbook during the year. Cookery books are popular, in the United Kingdom, and publishing one can be a moneymaking opportunity. However, for those wanting a cookery book from which they will […]