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I have been a public servant, in some form, for half of my life, since my days as a teenage mentor and student leader in the Woodland Terrence Community. I am committed to the ideals of better education for our children, building strong families, responsible fatherhood, and I believe our government should work for us and not against us.

Tips On Finding The Best Way To Cure Cold Sores Blister At Home

Are you tired of dealing with the pain and embarrassment that you have to endure as a result of having cold sores? How great would it feel if you were able to not have to worry about when your next outbreak was going to be? Continue reading to find some really great tips on finding a cold sore home remedy.

Cold sores, also known as the Herpes Simplex virus, are blisters that tend to show themselves as blisters around the lip or mouth area. They can often be very painful, itchy, and cause swelling. Cold sores are very contagious and spread as easily as by using a cup or toothbrush with has been infected.

Although there is no cure for the Herpes Simplex Virus, there are some very easy ways you can go about finding an effective home remedy for blisters. If you live with someone who has cold sores, then you need to make sure you never do such things as: use their toothbrush, drink out of the same glass, use the same bath towel or kiss someone who has been infected. It is very common for a parent to infect their child just from a simple kiss good night.

An outbreak can last around 12 to 14 days. If you can feel when something is not feeling right around your mouth, it is best to put ice on the agitated area for around 10 minutes at a time. This can prevent the actual development of the blisters. To help with the burning, a lip balm containing Lysine does a great job of cooling the infected area down. Apply it generously until it wears off and then apply it again. Another really great tip for you is to try pressing a warm tea bag over your cold sore for 20 – 30 minutes. This can rapidly speed up the healing process by days.

Just because you may have been dealing with cold sores for many years, doesn’t mean that you need to continue on that way for the rest of your life. You need to educate yourself on this subject matter and find a cold sore home remedy that works for you.

The Joy of Generic Soft Drinks

It doesn’t take much to bring joy to my life. Sometimes as a matter of fact, it is nothing more than realizing that something as simple as generic soft drink can really make a difference. There have been at least two instances in my life where generic soft drink has brought joy and in all three cases, I will be the first to admit that I could not have seen it coming.

When I was a college student, money was tight. It wasn’t only tight for me, but for my entire family as they were trying to be sure I could get through college. I drank a lot of iced tea and water during those years to save money. While home on Christmas vacation, I always tried to help out as much as I could with household bills and chores. So, one day I went shopping for a few groceries and decided to splurge on a 12-pack of store brand soda. My family was elated that night as we all sat around eating popcorn and drinking a generic soda. Something so simple had became a true treat in our household and created a very holiday like environment.

After that instance, I often wondered if the impact would have been different if I had been able to afford Coke or Pepsi instead of the generic soft drink. More recently than my college years, I was at a family reunion. Everyone was enjoying the beautiful day, the children were running around playing, and it was really a good time. Not being the cook of the family, I was asked to bring a variety of beverages. I brought iced tea, lemonade, and a few cases of generic soft drink for everyone to share. The true joy of deciding on the generic brand was during the clean up later that day. Children being children, they open soda and wander off to play. As I cleaned up can after can of half full generic soda, I couldn’t help, but feel smug that I hadn’t paid more money for what was about to be poured down the drain.

Life is what we make it. It isn’t about money or the top brand of every item we see. Instead, it is about making due with what we have and can afford. For me and my family, that has sometimes meant generic soft drinks and I only hope that my children will one day find joy in something so simple.

Mirena Experience

Christina’s Mirena Experience So Far So Good

I am 27, don’t have children, and don’t know if I want any just yet so I got the Mirena IUD.  The insertion was painful and caused a very brief but extremely sharp cramp.  Afterwards I was sore and took as much Advil as I was allowed.  I waited a few days to have sex and my boyfriend had no complaints.  I didn’t realize I needed to check the strings on my own, and because I was paranoid, I didn’t.  After 2 periods with mostly spotting, I made a check up appointment.  Ironically, after making that appointment, I had a terrible episode of severe swelling and I couldn’t even examine myself because I was so swollen.

At the doctors visit, she told me I probably had an allergic reaction (which is their way of saying they don’t know what really happened) and that she could not locate the strings.  I had to get sonogram asap.  I then found out the mirena was in place but I had a very large cyst on my ovary which could have been there initially.  I am very worried because even though I thought I never wanted kids, the fact that I may not be able to have them bothers me.  I’m scared even though my doctor said everything was fine.

I actually love this IUD.  I haven’t had a real period and the worst side effect of Mirena IUD thus far is bad cramping and a rare headache. Now that the strings went into my uterus I’m worried and think the reason why I was swollen is because of the strings.  I know I did not have an allergic reaction and think maybe I had a yeast infection which caused swelling.  Anyway my cramping is WORSE now, but I’m gonna give it time.  I just want reassurance that I will be OK and be able to have kids if I want later.


I took this product for about a week. After a few days my skin started feeling itchy. I took it two more times not thinking anything of it. When the itching continued I stopped taking SlimQuick. I am still experiencing the itching. I really think its a reaction to this product. Has anyone experienced this? Kim from Wis.

I’m starting my first day tomorrow… I’m not worried too much about the side effects since I’m between jobs and will be steps from my bathroom at all times… my question for everyone is this: for the people that have seen results, do you think it has anything to do with what you’re starting out with? That is, does your height, age, etc. seem to be a factor? I’m 22, 5″, and probably weigh about 130 (I’m too scared to actually weight myself). I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been, but my sudden weight gain seemed to coincide with a sudden phase in my life where I’m constipated much more often. I’m wondering, I guess, if you guys think your level of success has to do with your place in life. Like, because I’m shorter and younger, will I benefit more from this product? Thoughts, anyone? Thanks guys, it’s so nice to have a forum to talk to people who deal with the same issues!

I am starting the cleanse today. I was taking the Julian Micheal’s Detox & Cleanse. I finished the 7th day and I had 2 bowel movements within a week. So if your looking for something else to clean you out, that wont and its more expensive than the SlimQuick. Im hoping the SlimQuick helps. Im hoping to lose about 7 pounds from this. I work out alot. I do an hour of cardio a day plus strength training. Weight loss doesn’t come easy but Im needing to weigh in on Monday so Im looking for a quick fix that will help me reach my goal. :) Wish me luck.


I did some research on Avesil and it has been reported that Avesil is safe and an effective weight loss supplement. Avesil has a risk-free trial that is available out there if you want to give it a try. I believe that Avesil is used to attack the fat that we are all desperately trying to get rid of. Avesil’s main ingredients are: Green Tea Extract, Super Citrimax, Caffeine, and O-polynicotinate Chromium. I don’t think it has a lot of caffeine which is good, because I’ve heard that caffeine can dehydrate you if you get too much. If you’re drinking coffee in the morning and then taking Avesil you should be ok.

Caffeine is another proven weight loss supplement. Obviously, to lose the most amount of weight, you are going to want to drink water, eat healthy, and exercise. I decided to try Avesil since it was touted as one of the top weight loss supplements for 2009.  I started the risk-free Trial and was sent a full 30-day supply of Avesil. I paid $5.95 in shipping and processing. I then had 14 days to decide if it was something I wanted to continue with. At the end of the free trial the price goes up to $89.95 for a 30 day supply.

Questions and Answers on Inserting a tampon

Here are some questions answered about how to insert a tampon, the tips and the cautions, find the following:

Q: Tampons are so much more comfortable than pads so why are you attacking the tampon industry for helping women be more comfortable on their time of the month?

A: I myself am a tampon user. I’m not anti-tampon, I’m pro 100% organic all-cotton tampons. I “attack” the dominant tampon industry for caring more about the bottom line than making their products safer for women.

Q: I find using tampons without applicators very uncomfortable. Do you know of any brands that would be safe to use that have an applicator?

A: Natracare and Organic Essentials make tampons with applicators. You can find out more info. On the Alternative Products page.

Q: I ran across the web site for INSTEAD* Feminine Protection Cups. It bills itself as a completely new form of feminine protection, a soft disposable cup that you insert and wear just below the cervix. Is this safe? In your opinion would it be worth trying?
A: Here is my honest opinion on the Instead menstrual cups. Personally I am cautious. The Instead people sent me a big package of press materials and 6 cups. After searching through all the stuff I could not find a list of ingredients. I know it’s made from synthetic materials. They advocate wearing it up to 12 hours at a time and I’m weary of wearing anything synthetic for 12 hours internally. Also it produces a lot of waste. You use these big rubber caps once and then throw them away.

However, that being said, women have emailed me testifying their love for Instead cups. Also women have been using the cups for Artificial Insemination. So the bottom line is educate yourself then make a decision that seems reasonable to you.

Anatomy of a Sweet Heart

There’s a double meaning to that title. It’s the name of a blog about one person’s journey through heart disease, written by her husband. In other words, it’s a blog about his sweetheart’s “sweet heart.”

According to the about us page, the blogger’s name is Joe. He’s a writer, coach and music industry consultant. Three days before Christmas, his wife Lori, age 34, suffered a heart attack. Not just any heart attack either, but one from a rare heart defect that kills 80% of the people that have it. They have decided to spend the next year telling her story to let other folks know how important it is to, as Joe put it, “cherish your life and monitor your health.”

Not only that, they’re writing a book about it too. The blog will serve as a “running log of our research as well as updates on Lori’s recovery.”

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this blog and on Lori’s progress. I hope you will too.

Generic Lexapro 20 mg review

Generic Lexapro 20mg is an antidepressant of the new generation, which has fast and strong action. It is used for treatment of depression, especially in people who have depression with sudden violent involuntary movements in the different groups of muscles.

The Lexapro successfully copes with depression of any severity and other disorders of the nervous system and that is why it is used for the wide action spectrum and widespread almost all over the world.

Lexapro 20 mg is totally safe medication and almost does not cause side effects and therefore you can use this drug without concerning about the complications.

The usage of this medication should be under the care of a physician as only a specialist may prescribe the right course of treatment and prescription, and you will avoid side effects like weight again and quickly get rod of your disease.

Your doctor will prescribe you the dose of Lexapro in order to get effective and safe treatment.

The correct usage of the drug will help easily and quickly treat depression and restore the activity of brain which will lead to healthy life-style.

It is not difficult to buy Generic Lexapro 20mg. You can do it without leaving your house in our online pharmacy. You can order it online and save your money and time right now. The sooner you purchase this medicine online, the faster you get rid of depression.

Escitalopram trade names: Lexapro, Cipralex, Seroplex, Lexamil, Lexam

About Senator Bob Smith

On March 28, 1945, two days before Bob Smith’s fourth birthday, his dad, a naval aviator, was killed during active duty at the end of World War II.
Bob’s grandparents helped raise him and his brother Richard on their family farm while his widowed mother worked to support her two boys. On the farm, Bob learned the lessons of hard work, responsibility and patriotism. Life wasn’t easy, but he made the most of what he had.

He worked his way through Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Government in 1965. He then met his wife, Mary Jo, and began his service in the Navy at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard, in California. The newly married couple barely had enough time to unpack their bags before Bob left for active duty in Vietnam (1966-67) stationed on a ship in the Gulf on Tonkin.

In 1970, Bob and his family settled in New Hampshire’s beautiful lakes region, where Bob taught history and government and Mary Jo taught elementary school. There they raised their three children, Jenny, Bobby and Jason.

He coached varsity baseball and junior high football, and later chaired the local school board. He owned a real estate firm in Wolfeboro, NH, and learned first hand what it means to meet a payroll.

In 1984, Bob Smith was elected to Congress as a true citizen legislator. He was honored again by the people of New Hampshire when he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1990 and again in 1996.

He currently chairs the Senate Ethics Committee and is a senior member of the Armed Services Committee. He also serves on the Judiciary and Environment and Public Works Committee.

Throughout his service in the House and Senate, Bob has received national recognition as a champion for conservative principles. For fifteen years, Bob stood tall and often alone on such issues as defending the unborn, promoting a strong military, protecting our national sovereignty, accounting for our POW’s and MIA’s, and local control of education.

In the Senate Chamber, Bob sits at the original desk used by the great statesman, Daniel Webster. He says the desk, and the patriotic history it represents, inspires him every day to be mindful of his oath, to support and defend the Constitution.

Senator Smith steps to the plate for the GOP on foreign policy

In another age, the Republican voices coming out of New England belonged to the leading internationalists of the postwar era.
It was an unbroken line of big shots – Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., Leverett Saltonstall, Margaret Chase Smith, Ed Brooke, John Chafee, Bill Cohen. They’re gone from the Senate now (or are about to retire, in Chafee’s case) or are in the Clinton administration, like Defense Secretary Cohen. In their place the voice of New England Republicanism in foreign policy belongs to Bob Smith, New Hampshire’s junior senator, presidential wannabe, America Firster, and NATO opponent.

In the political runup to President Clinton’s decision to participate in NATO’s effort to avert a humanitarian and security catastrophe in the Balkans, our region’s Republican spokesman with the loudest, clearest voice has been Smith.

The temptation in the elite world is to dismiss the friendly hulk who did as much as anyone, save possibly Oklahoma’s Don Nickles, to block the American military effort. Bad idea.

The temptation in politics, meanwhile, has been to ascribe the ideas and beliefs grouped under the concept of America First solely to its 1991 progenitor, Pat Buchanan. Again, bad idea.

For one thing, this minimizes the large impact Buchanan has had on the party since he embarrassed George Bush two election cycles ago. The fact is that Buchanan’s foreign policy views have been ascendant for some time. And this month, in the days leading up to the bombing, it was the majority view.

Smith was no wild man thundering against the wind – he was speaking for 38 of the Senate’s 55 Republicans who joined three Democrats in opposing a prebombing resolution.

Moreover, a similar resolution focusing more on US participation in any eventual NATO peacekeeping force was opposed by a solid majority of GOP members in the House. Smith laid out his thinking in a series of speeches this month that got virtually no press attention but had considerable impact in Republican circles. While it would be silly to think his presidential prospects have been affected, his visibility and ideological credentials have been enhanced.

What is more, his voice was essentially the only audible GOP voice from his region. His senior colleague from New Hampshire, Judd Gregg, was content to lamely dog-paddle in his wake. And Senator Susan Collins of Maine, a mildly surprising vote against the NATO action, steered away from the ideology and said instead that Clinton had yet to make an effective case.

Even from the other side, where the traditional New England Republican voice was loudly internationalist, there was mostly silence. Collins’s colleague, Olympia Snowe, was a quiet yes vote. Chafee, fresh from his retirement announcement, took a pass. And Jim Jeffords of Vermont, a NATO bombing supporter, took pains to make clear his opposition to any later use of ground troops, without which the NATO peacekeeping idea would fail.

Smith’s views go much deeper than the sound-bite blurb that what happens in Kosovo is none of our business. For starters, aiming directly at post-Cold War thinking about NATO as a force against violent instability in Europe, Smith notes that he strongly opposed the alliance’s recent expansion to include Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic. NATO’s mission, he says, should be the defense of its members, period.

And he is willing to take his opposition to its logical conclusion: ”if this is what NATO has become – a means of dragging the United States into every minor conflict around Europe’s edges – then maybe we should get out of NATO.”

Another core component of Smith’s thinking involves almost a reverence for sovereignty. ”Kosovo is as much a part of Yugoslavia as New Hampshire is of the United States,” he says. He warns of dire consequences if we start using military might inside the borders of sovereign nations without some legal authorization from Congress. He also is consistent, applying his thoughts back in time to Vietnam and forward through Ronald Reagan’s disastrous blunder into the Lebanese civil war in 1983.

Don’t call him a Serb sympathizer, either; Smith is, if anything, a human rights tiger, nor is he anything resembling a peacenik. But he confronts the rationale for NATO’s action head on, even questioning the common view of its history in this century.

”They have it exactly backwards,” he says. ”A Balkan war became a world war in 1914 not because there was strife, but because the great powers of that day allowed themselves to become entangled in that strife.”

You can agree or disagree, but it’s time more people paid attention. Smith’s vigor and thoroughness demonstrate not only that traditional Republican internationalism is in repose. They also show that there’s a great deal more to America First than Pat Buchanan.