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Shouldl Food Stamp Recipients be able to Purchase Food at a Fast Food Restaurant Food Stamp Usage – No

  When cutting down on food expense, every family immediately cuts down on going out to dine.  Fast food, in the main, is far more expensive than home cooked meals when compared.  Fast food takes into consideration the preparers, the servers, and the overhead needed to keep a restaurant open.  So, no, those who have food stamps should not be encouraged to eat out at the expense of tax payers.  There are many families who do not receive food stamp privileges.  Many of these families cannot eat out, so why should this luxury be afforded to those who are food stamp recipients?  Government subsidized programs are not for luxurious living.

  Someone may feel I am cruel, but I must also put myself into the food stamp recipient’s shoes.  The amount of money put on the food stamp card is not always a great amount.  I have a  friend who get $41.00 per month.  Another gets $127.00 and I know of families who have gotten $365.00 for a family of four.  The money needs to be stretched to last throughout the month, and the friend who gets only $41.00 is a senior citizen.  I really don’t believe none of those getting a small amount would want to go to a fast food restaurant and spend from $5.00 to $15.00 to eat a meal.  Even the family of four might like to go once or twice to the fast food restaurant, but hardly on a regular basis.  If I were in either of their places, I would want to economize and make the food stamp privileges stretch as far as they could go each month. That means no fast food restaurant breakfasts, lunches, or dinners. 

  Because some people who receive food stamp privileges would rather have some other people prepare their food, they would love the idea of enjoying these prepared foods at the expense of the tax payers’ hands.  This, to me, is not fair to those who are working and paying taxes.  Food stamps are given to families whose total household income is below the threshold of poverty.  They are given so that the people can at least have some food to eat, and from time to time, tips on preparing healthy, nutritious meals are sent to them.  Fast food is not always the healthiest food, although many restaurant chains are making an effort to cut down on fats, sugars, and calories in their offerings.  If food stamp recipients are allowed to eat at fast food restaurants, many of them will use them solely for that purpose and the health and proper of their families might be compromised. 

  With every privilege, which I believe food stamps are, comes responsibility.  It is my opinion that food stamp receivers should look upon it as their duty to purchase food that will help sustain their family members throughout the month.  It is their responsibility to prepare that food so that all members of their family are nourished adequately.  It its their responsibility to learn to budget these privileges.  If the fast food industry could entice the food stamp recipients to spend their money with them, we might see a “food war” waged.  Hopefully, we won’t see this.   Food is a basic need.  Let us not take that basic need and exploit the food stamp program to include fast food as a way of basic survival.